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[ Tuesday, August 17, 2004 ]


Yeah, maybe I'm really back. Two weeks until the kids go back to school.
My summer funk seems to have come and gone early. Usually expected in time to ruin August, July seemed to get me down, with the cool start of August acting like September usually does. I'm cruisin' now, with that familiar autumnal melancholy shimmering around the edges. Sometimes, you just can't get it up to blog.
I'm still reeling from having sold the boat. Jen and I keep looking at each other and bursting into laughter. I wake up with one of those "night-time panics" and start laughing, as there's no big old boat there to worry and fret about.
'Still overdoing the news. There has been a noticed lack of news from the war zone for the last few weeks, and its getting thinner. I don't think that's a good sign.
'Still wondering about "the Dean wing of the Democratic party".
'Still wondering when the DNC is going start fighting back.
'Still wondering how the local Democrats got so "out there".
And that of course, leads to the local issue of what to do about slots.
I've been happily and mostly mindlessly observing events most of the summer. It's starting to feel like time to get a little more involved. Like, what exactly WAS our local election board going to do about the new voting machines? I don't know, and I'm embarrassed to admit it.
Summer funk over! 'Time to get back into the swing of things.

gonzoliberal [2:32 PM]