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[ Tuesday, September 07, 2004 ]



Brooks, for some unknown reason, has decided to hold the AlQaeda leadership harmless in the terrorist attacks around the world. Terror is a "fringe" phenomenon, it just "happens".

There is a war on, alright, and dummies like Brooks will stare at it until it runs right over them.
It is a war.
It is fought with armies and tactics.
These armies are raised and supplied.
These armies are cared for and led.It is a "leadership" that accomplishes these tasks.

We are not fighting "terror".We are fighting a poorly identified group of men and women, a group of planners and leaders.This leadership is the "head" of the snake.

All this trash talk about "terrorism" and "death cult" drives me nuts. How can allegedly intelligent people think so poorly? How can we even hope to win a war we cannot define?

Find the head of the snake.
Kill it.
That's how we win the war.

gonzoliberal [2:53 PM]