gonzo liberal's Left Hook

[ Saturday, November 06, 2004 ]


49% of voting America thought Bush sucks.
49% of voting America thought John Kerry and the mainstream Democratic values he tried to represent were JUST FINE, THANK YOU, and would have made a fine presidency.
49% of voting America rejected "compassionate conservatism", tax cuts for the wealthy, neo-christian nationalism and the fantasy that Iraq attacked us on 9-11 and required retribution.

The Democratic party has NOT moved too far "to the left" and therefore, does NOT need to move to the right, least of all to please those pledged with its destruction.

The Democratic party DOES need to learn to deal with a hostile and conservative media, DOES need to deal with fringe elements from within, DOES need to deal with seditious elements from without and DOES need to build a national identity.

John Kerry and the Democrats lost this election by the mere percentile easily attributed to the Rovian dirty tricks campaign, noted for but not limited to rigging the electronic voting machines. Without Rove's (and others; wouldn't want to leave any heel un-wounded) dirty tricks, without any change in platform or campaign strategy, Kerry would be president today.

Yes, "they" stole another one.They stole it fair and square, and now it's history.

May it not happen again.

gonzoliberal [10:47 AM]