gonzo liberal's Left Hook

[ Wednesday, November 24, 2004 ]


Liberal bloggers are still flaggellating themselves over the election loss. "What did we do wrong?" is the plaintive cry. "The Democratic party has to change..... blah, blah, blah".

Shit, I wish I had a bigger pulpit, but HEY LOSERS! YOU "LOST' BY ONLY THE MARGIN OF CHEATING BY THE OTHER SIDE. You may even have won, but the initial vote count is still going on.

There's nothing wrong with the party.

There's something wrong with how its lead.
Change nothing but the cheating of the other side, and we win.
Change nothing but the success of the other side hiding the true cost of the war until after the election, and we win.
Change nothing but how the Democratic Party and Candidate were marketed, and we win.
And of course, change how the so-called-liberal-but-really-just-stupid media portrays the Democrats, and we win.

Stop the breast-beating and get to work.
If you must beat something, beat something like Wolf Blitzer or Sean Hannity.
(on the keyboard, of course)
But stop with the bullshit about how the Dems have "lost" the mainstream, or "lost" its morality, etc.
Lets lose the "victim" mentality.

gonzoliberal [1:50 PM]