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[ Monday, November 29, 2004 ]


A quick personal observation about the holiday.

Holidays used to be "for the children", in all their incarnations.
For years, schedules were arranged so as to give everyone "face time" with each other. Meals were carefully coreographed to avoid conflicts and discourage fueds.

But the river flows, the circle goes around.
Now, it is the parents that are the center of attention.
Cared for in their home largely by a doting middle daughter, their needs now come first. The schedules are designed for them and their needs and wants. There is no time nor room for family squabbles; now is the time to pull together.

The parents bare the children.
The parents care for the children.
The children grow into adults, have and care for kids of their own.
The parents grow old, have needs, require care.
We are the "adult children" that must provide this care.
When dad no longer recognizes the day, struggles to recognize faces, the need is great.
When mom suffers her own burdens, missing the sharp wit of her life-mate, faces loneliness and uncertainty, the need is great.

The circle goes around and around,
and what goes around, comes around.

gonzoliberal [8:46 AM]