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[ Saturday, November 13, 2004 ]


There have been changes since the election.
It's taken some of the edge off my news addiction. Though still too much, I spend less time cruising the channels and net, and a lot less time on my favorite BB.
I'm working more, though I think that's coincidental; things have been picking up slowly but steadily since spring. Well, maybe not picking up; plodding along might be more accurate. I'm listening to music more. That is a good thing. 'Hard to quantify, it's good for the upper brain.
Though the numbness has set in for the long term, I want to fight the temptation to ignore current events. There's still a small hope sufficient fraud will be discovered amidst the election detritus to change the outcome, though I think about it less and less. These BushCo bastards have to be watched every minute. Someone's got to be counting heads and taking names. As "losers", the Dems have a long, hard row to hoe.
There's been noise from the CIA - WhiteHouse connection. Goss is settling in, people are resigning, the revolt came out into the open during the campaign, and those that agitated against Bush are going to have to pay. The long-discussed "shake-up of the intel community has officially begun. Perhaps there was some internal, high-up embarrasment when Osama sent that little "hello" three days before the election. Perhaps not. Perhaps the CIA worked with Rove on the timing and content of the tape.
Pay attention! That's the watchword now.
We know they're gonna get away with stuff. It's just a matter of how much of it can be documented.

gonzoliberal [1:21 PM]