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[ Thursday, December 02, 2004 ]



As I've said, I'm not much for Arianna. She talks much but says little.
However, what she says could probably be taken for Democratic "talking points".
She tries SO HARD to be relevant.
This time, she did.


You can’t get two Democrats together these days without a debate breaking out over what needs to be done to rescue, resuscitate, reanimate, remake, rebrand and redeem the Democratic Party.
The answers thrashed out in the nation’s living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms, as well as on the nation’s op-ed pages, are far-ranging: move to the center, shift to the left, become class warriors, reclaim moral values, go negative, stay positive, figure out how to better sell the brand. But the underlying premise is the same: Democrats are in a world of trouble, teetering on the verge of what a University of Maryland political scientist
recently predicted would be “permanent minority status for a generation or two.”
To which I say: poppycock.


I most like her point about how the Democrats are locked into the past, preferring to make the same mistakes over and over.

It seems that "everybody" agrees, not only that the Democratic Party needs an upgrade, but how to do so.

I need to read more about the influence the DLC has in all of this.

Anyone with any links on this is welcome to share them.

gonzoliberal [8:21 AM]