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[ Tuesday, December 07, 2004 ]


Let's see,...
...the House has decided to move on the 9-11 bill. Note; 'hasn't actually moved yet.
...the expected cabinet shuffle continues; Tom Ridge, Tommy Thompson, Colin Powel,...
...Karzai still alive, and sworn in as president. I think he rules over a seven block area in Kabul, but I'm not sure. The opium kings and warlords still control the rest of the country.
...'still a news blackout from Iraq.
...Osama bin Fergotten!
...US Consulate in Jedda car bombed and taken over by terrorists, 15 hostages. Saudi army attacks and kills about half of them. Al Qaeda blamed.
What bothers me the most is the blackout.
Oh, there's dribs and drabs, but this is WW4 for cryin' out loud.
This terror war is HUGE, but "for national security reasons", America is left out of the info loop. The government has admitted that, "for national security reasons", it may lie and cheat to the American public and the world through false press reports.
Can we now believe anything we are told? (as if we ever really could)
Can we believe their casualty reports anymore?
Their "war stories"?
Their hopeful prognosis?
No, I don't think we can.
And we can't believe the mainstream media anymore either. For anyone who cares to look, there is ample evidence of the pressure and spin the WhiteHouse puts on all its dealings with the media; there is ample proof of lying and falsifying.
As winter winds on and the Iraqi elections approach, it's gonna get worse.
What happen's afterwards is anybodies' guess.
My take is that, due to violence, the elections will be put off "indefinately".
That will mean the recently increased troop presence will have to remain, "indefinately".
How the Pentagon deals with the subsequent increased manpower needs is unknown. We've been promised "no draft" by the liars that promised there were WMDs and impending doom.
The two worlds, the reality on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the "faith-based reality" of the Bush administration are due to collide...
...any minute now...

gonzoliberal [10:16 AM]