gonzo liberal's Left Hook

[ Sunday, March 13, 2005 ]


Bless me Mother, for I have strayed;
it's been a full season since my last blog entry...

NOW, we await the vernal equinox, (and the kid's birthdays!)
NOW, we rejoice in the lengthening days and warming sun.

It has been quite a winter.
They are, you know.
I'm now spending more time with the toolbag and less with the laptop.
Seasons change.

The old folks are still alive and well (as well as can be expected)
Sick uncle is improving and was moved to nursing home.
The beautiful young beagle got sick and died.
Daughter still working and will graduate on time; son doing A's and B's !!!
The war is still on; the thieves still in the scullery, Americans still in denial.
'Still no slots.
(well, this IS Maryland)
I lost ten pounds.
Beard's a little greyer.

Blog's still here, still suffering its identity crisis.

gonzoliberal [2:06 PM]