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[ Tuesday, May 24, 2005 ]


So, as a friend, it's easy to get all caught up in how Blondie feels, how the pain meds are working, how she's dealing with appetite and side effects, etc.

But Dagwood is in battle mode. He was explaining to me how they are using a hormone therapy to fight the cancer directly. It seems that this type of breast cancer needs estrogen to survive. So the therapy involves a drug that binds up any estrogen in her system, thus starving the tumors. The immune system then takes over, eating the thing away. They should start shrinking soon. Theoretically.
At the moment, there's no sign of shrinkage regarding the large tumor on her lower spine. The pain's been getting worse, indicating that the thing is still growing.

So we bring food, flowers, stories, toys, movies, cheer....and hope. We must keep her eating and healthy, to give her immune system a chance to do its thing.

All of my tests have come back negative. I should feel greatly relieved.

Any minute now...

gonzoliberal [11:51 AM]