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[ Tuesday, May 17, 2005 ]


So the cancer is, in fact, everywhere.
The tumor on her back is causing the most trouble, as it presses on the nerves going to her legs. She's on massive amounts of morphine, etc. Especially etc. She walks with a cane now, and can stay up only an hour or so before tiring.

Her extended family had a bull roast/fund raiser for her over the weekend. They raised over ten grand. Her and her husband's network of support is extensive, and they are loved very much.

We all feel totally helpless. We can bring money, food, flowers, cheer, companionship,... but none of us can cure her. Being a companion means being in the present. The past sort-of exists; the future beyond suppertime doesn't.

Dags looks whipped. He's going to bear close watching. 'Gotta find more to do for him.
Such action at least combats the helplessness. He has an old family friend staying at the house most nights helping out, but he still doesn't get much sleep. I don't know how he's dealing with his sales job.

Me and Mrs gonzo are going to have to bring a bunch of wildflowers over there soon to brighten the place up. Blondie used to garden in the front yard, but can't this year. Maybe we oughta put some stuff in some afternoon...

Anyone reading this?
Get your women checked. Now.

gonzoliberal [12:44 PM]