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[ Sunday, June 05, 2005 ]

Class Matters NYT


I've been following this as the weeks have gone by.
One thing strikes me pretty hard.
The writers all share a sense of wonder that class diferences get "passed up" from one generation to the next. Someone spoke of how the upper middle class is generally clueless about how the privelege of their birth and/or upbringing affected the opportunities presented to them. I had a wealthy customer tell me a couple of years back that she and her husband were wealthier than I because they worked harder. This, while she lounged in her backyard in the middle of the week while I worked on her yacht.
The "working end of the middle class", which is most of us, have known about this for years. That's why we work so hard, goes the myth... for the children.
Hey, I want more for my kids than I had too. And it's been within my means and good fortune to make that happen. (especially good fortune)
It seems to me, that the "liesure end" of the middle class is, on the issue of the advantage of privelege, like with so much else, utterly fucking clueless.

(Is that too strong?)

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