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[ Thursday, June 09, 2005 ]


Dagwood is getting some help from Hospice.
They've taken over acquiting and fetching Blondie's meds.
She's still on an increasing morphine routine; every couple of days she needs a little more, a little more.
The Hospice nurse visits once a day, and can stay long enough for Dags to get out and run errands.
Hospice help on the meds is awesome. The morphine alone had been running over seven hundred bucks for a two week supply. And, like I said, the dosage is rising. The provide it all for free.
She had radiation treatments for the tumor on her back two weeks ago. The site where the radiation was beamed is actually second degree burns. They took about ten days to develop, but have scabbed over cleanly.
The hormone therapy continues, though there appears to be some sort of conflict between the oncologist and Hospice. More on that when it becomes clear to me.
She's holding her weight so far, and still has a smile for friends and a demand for hugs. No one seems to want to talk about the future. I'm certainly not going to bring it up. But curiosity it maddening. Are the treatments working? Are the tumors shrinking? All these questions I'm afraid to ask.
But I won't. I'll visit and listen. I'll bring good news from the 'hood and mugs of flowers. And listen some more.

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