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[ Wednesday, June 01, 2005 ]


I was 23 in '74. One year out of the CoastGuard, I was in my first year at University. I was interested in sex, music and money, in that order. I hadn't started to follow politics yet.

I remember that the whole end-of-the-war...Nixon resignation thing only vaguely... I remember that it didn't surprise me that Nixon-the-president was involved in organized crime, didn't surprise me that the FBI and Hoover were crooked, that Nixon would get all kissy-face with the Chi-coms or that the war ended with a US defeat and withdrawal. All this horrible stuff was "just normal", right? That's the way things were. I knew no other political reality.

It wasn't until much later, in the eighties really, when I started paying attention to world events and politics, that I could come to appreciate how fucked up things were, and that there was a possibility that it didn't have to be that way.

So this whole "deep throat" thing leaves me feeling a bit odd. I don't remember the time directly and so many have such opinions on the matter.

Maybe I'll start by reading "All the President's Men", if the library still has a copy. I've been wading through the stuff that's been published on the web here about it, and it seems everybody else has read the darn thing. If I had my shit together, I'd have a couple of links from this stuff,.... but I don't. It's been quite a day. I'll be re-reading much of it later, and will try to remember to store the links here.

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