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[ Thursday, June 16, 2005 ]


If American troops come home...

...where will we put our military bases?

...who will provide security for Halliburton's oil fields?

Of course, the US military is going nowhere.It is staying right where it is......for all intents and purposes, permanently.

The strategic interests of the USA and the oil fields formerly-known-as-Iraq have intersected.The US of A now controls one third of the globe's known oil reserves. US corporations are in line to break world records in the movement of wealth and power.Congress will not be allowed to jeopardize this project. The people (you know, us...) will be allowed to complain, we'll be allowed to act as if we actually control something.But in the end, for the forseeable future, the US will continue to militarily dominate the Iraqi real estate, will continue to control that oil.I think they figure that, with sufficient manipulation of the media, the American people can be made to pretty much forget about the war. It will fade into the background as less and less of the realities get played back to the public. At some point, casualties will level off, and that will be marketed as "normal" and a "victory", and the "price we must continue to pay for freedom".

I made the point in another post that I thought America was starting to hate the war, as evidenced by the rising tide to quit and run. I think that "cutting and running" would be a big, big mistake. (and quite likely, physically impossible)

But without an honest description of the real goals of this conflict, Americans are deprived of the opportunity to weigh its true costs AND benefits. By not having the honesty to lay out America's (and yes, corporate America's) TRUE goals, those in power cheat and demean not only the American public, but the soldiers and sailors and airmen they so loudly claim to honor.

The Republicans, and to a lessor extent, the Democrats in positions of power have for years kept America's true needs and goals a secret, as if only they are capable of dealing with the truth.This basic and core dishonesty has now cost vast amounts of unnecessary death and suffering, which is likely to continue indefinatly.

Yes, Virginia, the great Terror Wars of the early twenty first century were, indeed, fought over oil and power. Too bad America's leaders were to chickenshxt to tell the truth about them.

gonzoliberal [4:34 PM]