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[ Sunday, June 05, 2005 ]


Time out to do a little bragging.
(I don't write enough about parenting in here, though it's my main gig)

First-born is female, nineteen, just graduating from high school. Like many kids, she was pretty uninspired with high school. With neither the grades nor inclination for college, she decided that "getting into computers" would be a good thing. This interest was not enough for the school to let her into the program there, though. She ended up being mostly self taught (like her mom and dad), with a couple of community college courses thrown in for detail.

An area trade school, Lincoln Tech in nearby Columbia, Md, did a presentation for senior at her school a few months back. They described a program that trained the student to be your friendly company IT person, familiar with all the network hardwar and software necessary to keep a modern business office up and humming. All hands-on stuff. Wiring networks, updating PCs and (utterly cool) teaching users how to use the software.

She was psyched from the get-go. She got her grades together, got a part-time job and started saving money, dragged me and mom through the open house, orientation, financial aid, etc,etc,.. Then she took some tests.

The kid that struggled to make Bs all through school finished in the top ten percent, got admitted to the school, got qualified for financial aid, and,....


...and the kid won a full scholarship to the joint.
...to the tune of $12,000 worth.

She's in, it's paid for, and she start the second week of July.

Present, near and future sewn up in one fell swoop.


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