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[ Tuesday, August 23, 2005 ]


I've been thinkin'...

There is NO WAY Kerry was going to "win" that election.His campaign jet would have had an "accident" before the Bush/Cheney/Saudi cabal would have let him near the White House.

A Democratic preznit was doomed the night of the Bagdhad invasion. With the start of that war and the subsequent movement of American forces from Saudi Arabia and into Iraq, a machine was set into motion that no one man can stop.

The 2004 election was a bit of unpleasantness that the Rovians and Bushies just had to live through, like a trip to the dentist. With both parties firmly in the grip of American and foriegn corporate interests, the outcome was certain.Iraq now belongs to the neo-cons and the corporate interests that own them. As BushCo's standing in the polls show, more and more Americans, especially those that voted for him, are starting to see the lies, deceipt and outright fraud that is the Bush administration.

It will take a "Watergate moment", a national convulsion, to turn the political tide in this country. At the moment, the Democrats, the so-called opposition party, lie neutered and firmly compromised by the very corporate interests that finance the other side. All grassroots liberal discourse is shut down; all non-mainstream Democratic-ne-neo-con thought is marginalized and ignored. Mainstream liberals now find themselves in a similar quandry to mainstream conservatives; our parties have left us, used us to gain power and legitimacy, then tossed us out like the lower class trash we are. Mainstream liberals and conservatives will increasingly find our fortunes linked, our personal success dependent on the sucess of our neighbor. I fear any political change will have to come, not from one of the major parties, but from without, perhaps in the form of an increasing number of declared Independent candidates.

There's more to be said for the parallel marginalization faced by both mainstream libs and reps, but ... a parenting moment just arrived.

gonzoliberal [3:28 PM]