gonzo liberal's Left Hook

[ Wednesday, January 18, 2006 ]


Winter marches on. It's fifty degrees and raining.

Obviously, I don't write much in winter.
The darkness settles in mildly, short-circuiting thought.

The Holidays came and went in a medicated fog. The inlaws are ancient and loosing lucidity. We care for them and smile a lot, making the present pleasant.

Geek daughter is about to graduate from tech school in the top of her class. 'Now wants to work on a two year degree at community college. 'Still doesn't really want to drive.

Blondie is officially in remission. Still on mountains of morphine, tumor hasn't really started to shrink yet, but things are moving in the right direction. The bills are staggering. Dagwood shoulders on, getting help where he can find it. Sometimes, good news still hurts.

Local politics like cartoons, as Ehrlich and OMalley square off. WalMart bill, minimum wage overrides, and the session's just started.

Nationally, the beat goes on. The way the media enables this administration is historic, and criminal. That alone would be enough to get a sane man depressed.

"Darkness" sucks. Brain like molasses. Everything requires extraordinary effort, but rewarding when done. 'Will try to surface more often.

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