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[ Wednesday, August 05, 2009 ]

Hello again...


Wow. I forgot about this thing.
Granpa died.
SIL got house and dog.
Obama won.
Daughter got license. Moved out.
Abilify still rocks.
Got commercial drivers license.
(passed drug test to do so too!)
Dear friend Dave died. Colon cancer.
Blondie still lives! Dagwood had stroke, but has recovered.
Cancer still sucks.
Camped out at Assateague. Mosquitos and wild horses and ocean and sand. Nice.
Camped out at Shenandoah. Luray Caverns worth the price. Feral deer at campground.
wild bears in road, hot showers, good water.

'Still do forum at BaltimoreSun.
Still work on yachts, both between driving assignments.
Being on the road everyday is good.
It's good to be outside, yet protected from the worst of the weather.
Company is great, customers nice, equipment top notch.
Pay's a little low, but steady.

Summer in Annapolis.
Not too hot this year. Good varnishing weather.
I've not sailed this year... yet.
Not having a boat of our own kinda sucks.
Canoes just don't hack it for being on the bay.

Now what?

gonzoliberal [4:15 PM]